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UNO Bookstore FAQ


Where is the Bookstore located?
We are on the first floor, near the south entrance of the Milo Bail Student Center.

Where are the textbooks?
Textbooks are located downstairs in the Bookstore.

What is the difference between a refund and book buy back?
A refund gives you full purchase price for an item you have purchased, within a specified time limit IF it is in the same condition as when purchased.(Example: if you drop a class, return your books for a REFUND within the first two (2) weeks of class and one (1) week of summer session).
Buy back is when the Bookstore pays you cash for current edition textbooks that you have finished using.

When is the best time to sell back books?
During Finals Week when we have compiled a list of books being used the next semester.

Can I still sell my books if I miss buy back week?
Yes, we offer "wholesale prices" anytime during the year.

What are "Wholesale Prices"?
Wholesale prices are set by private companies that buy books no longer used on this campus for resale to other bookstores.

How does the Bookstore determine what books are being used?
Faculty submit textbook requisition forms for each course being offered which list books that they will require or have as
optional for the next semester.

How can I pay for my UNO Bookstore purchases?
We accept cash, MavCard, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and checks (if you are a currently enrolled UNO student). You can also buy now & pay later by charging purchases to your UNO student account. You can charge up to $1500 per semester. Any Bookstore purchase can be charged to your student account, including textbooks, supplies, apparel and more!

What is "required"?
If a book is required, the instructor has indicated that you must have it for that class.

What does "optional" mean?
Optional means it is recommended. You do not have to purchase the book but it may be helpful in the class.

Why might the Bookstore be out of stock on a Textbook?
There are several reasons we may run out of a book. Enrollment may be larger than estimated, books may not be available
from the publisher, or textbook selection information has not been received from the instructor.
Please check with the Textbook Information Counter for more information on the status of your books.