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Security Procedures for Milo Bail Student Center
Dances/Concerts & Special Events


A minimum of four officers will be required at each dance or concert. Security must be paid for by close of business the Monday before the dance or the event will be cancelled by the Reservations & Event Management Office.

Special Events:
Any non-academic evening or weekend event featuring a D.J. and/or a live band, and open to the public (for dances and concerts – see above), will require one Security officer. Security must be paid for by close of business the Monday before the event – or the event will be cancelled by the Reservations & Event Management Office.


Officer Responsibilities

  • -Maintain a visible security presence in parking lots, at the check-in table and at the dance. Event Staff may not prohibit officers from entering the event.
  • -For special events security will maintain a visible presence at the entrance to the event.
  • -For dances/concerts Security will perform hourly walk-through of all floors of the Student Center.
  • -Officers will make a periodic walk through of the parking lots adjacent to the Student Center and Strauss Performing Arts Center for dances or concerts.
  • -Assist MBSC or Event Staff in the event of an emergency and/or with reasonable requests. Provide support to MBSC and Event Staff in enforcing rules and regulations.
  • -Law enforcement officers will carry, monitor and respond to communications on a Campus Security radio. Officers will arrive ½ hour before an event and remain in the area for at least ½ hour after the scheduled stop time of the event to assure the orderly dispersal of attendees.
  • -Should disruption of the event occur, or the commission of a criminal act occur take appropriate action. Notify the on duty UNO Security Supervisor of problems and or rules violations and follow his/her instructions.
    Law enforcement officers will check photo id’s.

Event Staff Responsibilities:

  • - Event Staff are defined as officers or advisors of the host organization.
  • -Support and assist MBSC personnel, Campus Security Officers and Law Enforcement Officers in the enforcement of safety and security rules and regulations.
  • -Event Staff will be stationed in the dance/special event and perform periodic walk through of the food court area to supervise those attending the event.
  • -Event Staff will be stationed at the designated entry to the building for the dance; or the entry of the room for a special event. Ticket table will be outside of the MBSC Administrative Office.
  • -The sponsoring agency is prohibited from bringing “their own” law enforcement or security personnel to the dance. Should outside security arrive they will be asked to leave. Failure to leave will terminate the event.
  • -Event Staff will be expected to enforce rules and regulations, collect tickets, deny access and will only call on law enforcement as needed for assistance. Law enforcement officers are provided to ensure a safe and secure environment for the dance.

General Guidelines:

  • -All dances & special events must be scheduled a minimum of four weeks prior to the event date in order to secure officers to work the event.
  • -A cancellation fee will be charged if an event is cancelled less than five working days in advance. (The fee will be for two hours per officer.) If the dance is cancelled before this deadline, no fee will be charged.
  • -No one under the age of 19 (with the exception of currently enrolled university students) will be allowed to attend any dance held on our campus. Photo identification will be required to confirm the ages of those attending. The uniformed officers are responsible for checking University ID or drivers’ license.
  • -The sponsoring organization can deny entrance to the event to anyone for safety or security reasons.
  • -Security will be arranged to report ½ hour prior to event time and remain for ½ hour after event time. The host group will pay all Security charges by close of business the Monday before the event. The rate is currently $28.00 per hour per officer. The music will stop and the lights turned on 30 minutes prior to the end of the dance/concert.
  • -These procedures have been written to ensure that events on campus are safe for University students and their guests.

    June 2011